Rare earth metals

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Neodymium purity 99.9% For functional material additives, NdFeB permanent magnet materials, high-tech alloy materials and electronic products, etc.
scandium Purity :
Sc/TREM:99.99%  TREM:99.9%, the metal scandium block is silver white metallic luster, soft
It is mainly used in high power metal halide lamp (Kang Nadeng), solar energy storage battery, high energy radiation shielding (gamma ray source) and special alloy (such as aluminum alloy, etc.)
Gadolinium purity 99.9% Mainly used in the manufacture of magneto-optical materials and magnetic cooling materials

purity 99.99% Mainly used as SmCo permanent magnetic material and SmFeN permanent magnetic material
Terbium purity 99.99% It is mainly used for the productioin of Tb-Dy-Fe giant magnetostrictive alloys and luminescent materials, magnetic recording and casting of metal alloy additives, etc.

purity 99.9% Mainly used as alloy additive
Yttrium purity 99.9% The use of rare earth yttrium is very wide, yttrium aluminum garnet can be used as a laser material, yttrium iron garnet for microwave technology and acoustic energy exchange, europium doped yttrium vanadate and europium doped yttrium oxide used as color TV phosphor
Dysprosium purity 99.9% The utility model is used for the manufacture of magnetostrictive alloy, Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet material, metal additives, giant magnetostrictive alloy and magneto optical recording material
Lanthanum purity 99.9% mainly used to manufacture precision optical glass and optical fiber. Also used in electronic industry as ceramic capacitor, piezoelectric ceramic incorporation agent. It is also used as raw material for lanthanum boride separation and refining catalyst. 
Cerium purity 99.9% used for reducing agent, catalyst, alloy additive, arc electrode, special glass, cerium salt production, etc.
Praseodymium purity 99.9% Used for manufacturing ternary catalysts, ceramic pigments, magnetic materials, praseodymium intermediates, chemical reagents and other industries.
Promethium purity 99.9% Mainly used to make nuclear power batteries. It can be used as a heat source to provide auxiliary energy for vacuum detection and artificial satellite. Make a promethium cell. As a power source for missile guidance instruments and clocks; Promethium is also used in portable X-ray instruments, fluorescents, measuring thickness, and navigation lights. Used for tracing research.
Europium purity 99.9% As an activator of a variety of phosphors, it is a necessary material for red phosphors and can also be used as a control material for atomic reactors.
Erbium purity 99.9% Used in erbium compound intermediates, optical glass, chemical reagents and other industries.
Thulium purity 99.9% Used as a fluorescent material activator
Ytterbium purity 99.9% Used in fluorescent powder, optical glass additive and electronic industry; Manufacturing computer magnetic bubble materials, so that the magnetic bubble storage equipment has high speed, large capacity, small volume, multi-function characteristics; Manufacturing special alloys, dielectric ceramics and special glass, etc.
Lutetium purity 99-99.99(%) components, magnetic materials, etc. It is mainly used as additive and active material for yttrium iron and yttrium aluminum garnet as well as fluorescent powde

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