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           Molybdenum copper is a composite material of molybdenum and copper. Its properties are similar to that of tungsten copper, and it also has adjustable thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity. But molybdenum copper is much less dense than tungsten copper, so it is more suitable for aerospace and other fields. High purity, uniform structure and excellent performance. Because the mo-cu material used does not add any adhesive, the material has a high thermal conductivity, thermal expansion rate and electronic industry of ceramic materials and semiconductor materials match, through mo-cu stamping and mass production cost savings, machining performance is good. Molybdenum copper is more resistant to ablation than molybdenum, is more plastic and machinable, and can be used as high-temperature components for rockets and missiles with slightly lower temperatures, and can also replace molybdenum as parts in other weapons. High-power integrated circuits and microwave integrated devices require high electrical and thermal conductivity materials as conductive heat dissipation elements, and at the same time, it should take into account the vacuum performance, heat resistance and thermal expansion coefficient. The properties of molybdenum copper meet these requirements and are the preferred materials in this field.

 Material  density
G over cm cubed
W/moK 25℃
thermal expansion coefficient of 10-6/℃
70Mo/30Cu 9.8 200 7.0
60Mo/40Cu 9.66 222 7.5
50Mo/50Cu 9.5 250 10.2
Thickness  thickness tolerance  width
0.3 ±0.03 10~660 ±2 2000 ±2
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