Metal coating material

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Metal coating material Re,Ru,Al,Cu,Ti,Si, Au,Ag,AgCu,In, Mg,Zn,PT,Ge,Ni,
Au,Cr,Hf,Nb,Sn, AuGe,AuNi,NiCr, TiAl,ZnAl,AlSi
Purity≥99.99%  All kinds of accept custom Metal reflective film, decorative film, functional film, antireflective film, thermal reflective film, dichroic filter, laser coating, etc.
oxide SiO,SiO2,TiO2,Zr O2,HfO2,TiO,Ti3 O5,Nb2O5,Ta2O 5,Y2O3,Al2O3,C r2O3,HfO2,WO3, CeO2,MgO,ZnO, Sb2O3 Purity≥99.95%  All kinds of accept custom Antireflective film, multilayer film, interference film, protective film, adhesion promoting material, plastic substrate coating, beam splitter, laser coating, sunscreen coating, etc.
 fluoride NbF3,BaF2,CeF3, MgF2,CaF2,LaF3, YF3,YbF3,ErF3,N a3AlF6,AlF3 Purity≥99.99% All kinds of accept custom Antireflective film, heat reflective film/dielectric film,Polarizer, beam splitter, laser coated filter, spectrometer, narrowband filter, ultraviolet film, etc.
Sulfide and other aterials ZnS

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